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Select the best prescription value for your patients through the power of BidRx

Prescriber Benefits

Act on behalf of your patients

Acting on behalf of your patients is easy on BidRx. You can review drug history, enter new prescriptions, complete prior authorizations (PA), link to pharmaceutical manufacturers for information, and do other valuable tasks that add value for your patients. Use BidRx to save time and money.

Know your patients' benefit structure and rules

Most patients have drug benefits - of one flavor or another. BidRx shows your patients and their benefits, linked together, so you can make fully informed decisions, for every prescription, every time. BidRx shows you prices, co-payments, discounts, prior authorization (PA) forms that can be completed on-line, and even the availability of product samples. All information you need is in one place; it's all on BidRx.

Use the information on BidRx to serve your patients better

Your patients rely on you to serve them well. Without BidRx, your knowledge about their drug benefit may be inadequate. With BidRx, your knowledge is complete. You can meet your expectations to serve your patients better. BidRx is here. Use it.

Patient Benefits

All drugs bid through BidRx are retained on each patient's "MyBidRx" page; they're always available for review

Drugs you prescribed for your patient through BidRx can be reviewed anytime -- at our convenience -- on the web at From your office, the hospital, your PDA, or home. Wherever and whenever you need access, BidRx is available.

Patients and prescribers make choices together

Prescribers and patients can work together to choose the best drugs. BidRx shows you the information you require at the time you need it to make prudent decisions. You can link to pharmaceutical manufacturers for value propositions on their drugs. You can link to other sources for independent drug information. And you get cost information, too, with actual, patient-specific benefit prices and co-pay requirements. Information and choice. That's BidRx.

Informed, aligned, and satisfied

Patients and prescribers who use BidRx are informed, aligned, and satisfied. Informed because there is access to everything available on drugs, options, services and price. Aligned because prescribers and patients can get the same information at the same time and discuss options at the Point-Of-Decision (POD). Satisfied because choices based on complete information give expected results, not surprises. BidRx is unique. We inform, you decide.

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