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Attract more consumers in your service area through the power of BidRx

Differentiate yourself through BidRx. Tell them.

You are unique. Sure, you fill prescriptions like many other pharmacies, but you and your colleagues form a team that is different. You believe and excel in practice behaviors that appeal to many customers. What are they? Find them. Through BidRx, you can tell the world. BidRx gives you the platform to share your beliefs, strengths, and commitments to all consumers in your marketplace. Use it to attract customers. Sell yourself.

Every consumer in your service area can see your value proposition. Convince them.

There is no special software needed to access BidRx. Like you, most consumers have a computer and connect to the web at work, at home, or both. That's all you need to use the power of BidRx -- and that's where consumers will find you. BidRx brings you together. Now, it's your turn. Show them your stuff on BidRx. Convince consumers to select your pharmacy for their prescription needs.

Offer services that appeal to consumers. Serve them.

All consumers want a good, reliable pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. Many want more than that. They want a pharmacy to share responsibility for their health or they want compassion and reassurance. It's not all about price. Services can differentiate pharmacies, too. Consumers are looking for the pharmacy that provides the services they need. Many want the best pharmacy they can find. Only BidRx helps you reach new customers efficiently and effectively, for each prescription. Serve them as only you can.

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