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BidRx.com is the Online Pharmacy Auction Marketplace

Thrifty consumers have begun to learn over the last few years that many of the best prices out there can be found on the Internet. This applies to virtually every type of consumer goods, including:

Today, prescription drugs can be counted among the most popular goods bought and sold on the Internet. But what are the advantages found at www.BidRx.com, the only online pharmacy auction marketplace? What's pushing so many people towards purchasing their prescription medications online through BidRx.com? Here are some of the causes and effects:

More open, transparent competition

The larger the pool of sellers competing for your prescription business, the lower the price and the better the service!

Our online prescription auction site has created a transparent marketplace where the monopoly of the large chain pharmacy company is obsolete. Today, thousands of neighborhood retail pharmacies and mail order pharmacies from across the country compete in the same marketplace, BidRx.com, offering the same prescription drugs and competing for your business. The result is much lower overall pricing and better services for consumers and employees.

Better information on similar prescriptions and costs

Doing your research can improve your drug experience – and save you money!

The Internet frees people to research their ailments in ways they simply could not do in the past. This allows patients to consult with their doctors in a more informed way and to make decisions together with their physicians. One result of this is an increased likelihood of finding lower cost generics or similar, alternative medications for a particular illness or condition. The ability to shop and compare, make informed decisions on the best therapy, get pharmaceutical companies actively competing for your prescription selection, and then have pharmacies bid to fill your final prescription is a brand new experience. It's available only at www.BidRx.com.

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