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BidRx.com lets you be a smart shopper for prescriptions

In the past, buying prescription medication was as simple as going to your local pharmacy and handing over the prescription you received from your doctor. It was an easy process to be sure, but it didn't make you a good consumer. There was no way to know if you paid a fair price for the medication you bought. In addition, unless your doctor specifically prescribed a generic drug or your pharmacist told you, you may not have known that a generic was available at a lower price. Finally, you could not find out if other similar prescriptions could treat your condition at lower cost. In other words, you couldn't be a good consumer or a smart shopper like you are when you purchase other goods and services.

The Internet has changed the way we shop for virtually everything – including prescription medication. BidRx® is leading this revolution by allowing consumers to search their neighborhood – or the entire country – for the best possible prices for their prescription drugs.

The main advantage of this new online shopping system is greater savings for the consumer. By opening a prescription marketplace with competition from pharmacies, BidRx.com offers consumers the best possible price and service for each prescription. By opening up a prescription marketplace with competition from pharmaceutical companies, BidRx.com offers consumers and doctors the best possible choices from all prescriptions that can accomplish the same treatment success.

BidRx.com is an easy-to-use website that allows you to seek bids from pharmacies in your area or around the country to fill your prescriptions. Go to www.BidRx.com and click on "How it works" to watch a brief tutorial. Then register and start saving on prescription medications.

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