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For millions of people across the country, prescription drugs are both a blessing and a curse. Drugs can prolong lives and improve quality of life, but they can also become an enormous financial burden that puts strains on other aspects of daily life.

Finding the best prices for prescription drugs is something that many consumers care about deeply. BidRx® is dedicated to providing people with a forum where they can actively participate in their prescription choices and the amount they pay for their medications. www.BidRx.com is set up like an auction site, but instead of you having to bid on the medication you need, you get to start an auction yourself and allow pharmacies to bid for the privilege of filling your prescription. You choose: lowest price, best services, most convenient pharmacy or a combination of all benefits.

Here are some of the many advantages of the BidRx.com website:

So start using BidRx.com today! You can get your auction started in only a matter of minutes. If you have any questions about BidRx®, please contact us at ConsumerSupport@BidRx.com, or click on "How it works" on the www.BidRx.com home page and watch our informative tutorial that walks you through the process of registering and using our site.

About Us
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