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Researching prescription medication on the Internet can be a tremendous benefit for consumers, allowing them to share and exchange information with their physician while at the same time finding the best possible prices. Doctors don't know much about prescription prices; help them get the best value for you by going to www.BidRx.com and learning about available treatment options and cost.

BidRx® Simplifies Medication Searches

Prescription drug names can be confusing, which is why BidRx® maintains an easy-to-navigate database of virtually every prescription drug available on the market. Find your drug by typing in the name, or if you're not sure of the spelling you can type in the first two, three or four letters and browse through drug names that have those letters. You can simplify the process more by inviting your doctor (or their staff) to go to www.BidRx.com, type in the prescription they have chosen, learn about other similar options and prices, and write the best prescription before you leave the office.

BidRx® Expands Your Search Beyond the Name

If you already have received a prescription from your physician, BidRx® allows you to enter your prescription information in detail, including drug name, dosage, quantity, directions and/or duration. Once you've done this, you will immediately receive information about similar alternative prescriptions with totally different names and made by competing manufacturers. You also learn the maximum cost of each prescription. The best part is you can get this information to your prescriber to be sure that the prescription suits your needs exactly and provides the best value for you. Ask your doctor one simple question: "Can I try a lower cost alternative to see if it works for me?"

BidRx® Helps You Find Similar Prescriptions

BidRx.com's proprietary electronic marketplace automatically presents you with generics and other similar prescriptions that may be available to you at a lower price than the brand name your physician may have prescribed. In many cases your doctor may not even be aware of these cheaper alternatives, so BidRx® can actually help you improve the quality of your prescription drug experience. BidRx.com is a real marketplace: learn about options and prices and choose the best value for you.

Legal pharmacies that bid on your prescription needs

The first question that pops into many people's heads when they hear about online pharmacies is "is this legal?" Because the production and distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals is highly regulated by the government, licensed pharmacies must adhere to specific laws and regulations if they want to be in business. U.S. pharmacies that participate on BidRx.com follow the same laws and regulations. In fact, they are the same pharmacies located in your neighborhoods. Each is licensed in the state of its domicile. So the answer to the question is "Yes!" – pharmacies on BidRx.com are licensed in their home state and are legal! Only U.S. pharmacies participate.

BidRx® is proud to offer consumers a perfect way to shop for their prescription drugs online. Unlike an online pharmacy which offers pricing and information from their pharmacy only, BidRx.com allows you to browse and choose among different pharmacies across the country. This means you can find the best price – and in most cases BidRx.com lets the best price find you!

BidRx.com works like an auction site, allowing prescription drug providers to bid their lowest possible price for a particular prescription. All you do is choose the pharmacy that best suits your budget and location. You can pick a winner based on several different criteria, including price, services, and location of the pharmacy.

BidRx.com is a perfectly legal way for consumers to save as much money as possible on their prescription drugs. We only deal with pharmacies that are legally licensed in their state of domicile. We bring consumers together with pharmacies that want to compete for business. BidRx.com is the electronic competitive marketplace for you to shop and compare and save.

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