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Dear Doctor: Please help me save money.

Is it difficult for you to talk to your doctor or ask questions? Do you feel like you're imposing on his or her valuable time?

If you answer "YES", you're not alone. In fact, patients often don't ask their physicians important questions that could improve understanding of their illnesses or lower costs.

At www.BidRx.com, patients can enter their prescriptions and learn about lower cost, similar prescriptions and get instant bids from pharmacies on prescriptions. However, learning about lower cost prescriptions isn't enough; patients need to ask their doctors if a different, lower cost prescription is appropriate for their condition. In order to break down this barrier, BidRx® assists patients with a template for a "Dear Doctor Letter."

It's simple; your doctor can't answer your question unless it is asked. Therefore, if you need help asking if a lower cost prescription could work for you, fill in the blanks and mail or fax it to your doctor – along with the print out of similar drugs from BidRx.com.

Dear Doctor _______________________________:

I learned about a new tool to shop for prescription drugs that helps lower my costs. When I entered my prescription into BidRx.com, I got information that showed me similar products and their costs. I actually save more money when I get bids from pharmacies. The print-out of similar products and prices is attached for your review. The prescription I am taking is in the "Your Prescription" section near the top of the print-out.

My question is this: Is a lower cost, similar product appropriate for me? Can I try one of the lower cost drugs and see if it works? If yes, are you willing to write a new prescription for me?

I also have learned that you can register on www.BidRx.com, enter prescriptions and learn more about similar products and the final costs of prescriptions from competing pharmacies. BidRx.com is free for doctors.

Thank you for your consideration.


Name: ________________________________________

Date of Birth:____/____/________

Address: _____________________________________

City: ______________________________________

State: _______

Zip Code: ________________

Phone: _______________________

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