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The Internet provides consumers with a wealth of information on the products they want to buy – and this is particularly true with prescription drugs. In the past, most consumers relied solely on the advice of their physician when determining which drugs they need. While this was certainly a tried-and-true method, it didn't always provide patients with the information they might need to get the most value for their money or pay the best possible price.

A great example of how research can lead to savings can be found with generic drugs. Countless prescription drugs come in multiple forms: the original brand name (which usually costs the most), generic drugs which are identical to the brand names but cost significantly less, and other similar drugs – either brands or generics – that are different chemicals but treat the same conditions.

Since there are so many different types of brand and generic drugs on the market, doctors can't always be expected to know everything about all drugs. And, unfortunately, doctors know little about drug prices. In many cases, they prescribe brand name drugs simply because they do not know that a cheaper generic version exists or that lower cost alternatives are available.

At www.BidRx.com consumers and physicians learn about brands and generics and their prices. This includes drugs that are similar, but not identical, to the original or entered drug. By consulting with your physician and finding out if a lower cost alternative can work for you, a substantial amount of money can be saved on your prescription medications. Saving money is important to all healthcare consumers but especially the elderly, those on fixed incomes, the uninsured and the underinsured.

Go to www.BidRx.com, click on "How it works" and watch a brief tutorial. Then register and start saving on prescriptions through the power of BidRx®.

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