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Is it better to compare Discounts or Final Prices?

In many cases people aren't used to having a choice in price when they pay for prescription medication, but in reality a wide range of prices can be found if you know how and where to look. By now, you know about $4.00 generics at Wal-Mart® for a 30 day supply of about 200 prescriptions. What you don't know is about $4.00 or $5.00 or $10.00 generics through BidRx.com for a 90 day supply or more for thousands of prescriptions delivered right to your home. The bottom line is this: shop and compare at www.BidRx.com before you buy.

Discount Pharmacy Pricing vs Final Price

There are several different reasons why a particular pharmacy may be able to offer discount pricing – even lower pricing than Wal-Mart®:


Pharmacies may find themselves with too much stock of a particular drug, which leads them to drop prices significantly in an attempt to clear out their overstock. On BidRx.com, pharmacies can immediately change their price for one or more prescriptions and lower their bid price for you instantaneously.

Web-based pharmacies, small neighborhood pharmacies & mail-order pharmacies

In many cases, web-based pharmacies, small neighborhood pharmacies, and mail-order pharmacies have less overhead than large chain pharmacies and are able to pass these savings on to BidRx® customers. Don't think "Discount Pharmacies" or "Discount Pricing;" think "Final Price." It's the final price that you need to examine and compare from pharmacy to pharmacy for the same product and service. Then you can determine which is best for you.

High Competition

When pharmacies are in direct, transparent competition with other pharmacies, their prices tend to be lower or services better by necessity. Competition results in lower prices and better services. The auction process at www.BidRx.com is the ultimate in open, transparent competition to get both.

Finding Discount Pharmacies with the best final prices

One of the best ways to find discount pharmacies with the best prices is to use BidRx.com. BidRx® brings consumers in direct contact with pharmacies across the U.S., allowing you to find the best possible price for your prescriptions.

Buying locally means you can only choose between the pharmacies that happen to be in your particular neighborhood. Buying from the mail order pharmacy through your employer means you don't get competition – you have a choice of one pharmacy at the price they charge. Shopping through BidRx.com, on the other hand, allows you to browse between many different types of pharmacies, from online-only pharmacies to mail-order only pharmacies or to mom-and-pop shops far away from you that may be offering low prices. Compare prices, services, location, and more and then choose what is best for you.

BidRx.com is the best tool on the Internet for saving money on prescriptions. It's the perfect solution for most consumers including those that don't have insurance, those with consumer directed or high deductible health plans, those on Medicare Part D, those with co-insurance on drugs through their employers and even those with fixed co-payments. Discover your options; research similar, alternative prescriptions and discuss them with your doctor; get bids from competing pharmacies and buy prescription drugs at low prices. Sign up today on www.BidRx.com.

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