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Value-Driven Decisions now available for Prescriptions

"Consumers deserve to know the quality and cost of their health care. Health care transparency provides consumers with the information necessary, and the incentive, to choose health care providers based on value." ~ www.hhs.gov/valuedriven/

The federal government gets it; value-driven decision-making is essential.

"Providing reliable cost and quality information empowers consumer choice. Consumer choice creates incentives at all levels, and motivates the entire system to provide better care for less money. Improvements will come as providers can see how their practice compares to others." ~ www.hhs.gov/valuedriven/

"Every American should have access to a full range of information about the quality and cost of their health care options." - HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt

Absence of a Value-Driven Prescription Drug "System" from PBMs

The prescription drug "system" in America operated by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), insurers and pharmacies is not a "system". It's a private, disconnected, electronic claims transaction process linking large and small pharmacies and a PBM that processes prescription claims transactions submitted by member pharmacies for eligible members. Nothing ties essential participants including employees, employers, prescribers, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, pharmacies and others into an interoperable national prescription benefit and delivery system capable of making information easily shared by all before decisions are made. Until BidRx.com came along, that is. Substantial value comes from interoperability.

"Interoperable systems are invisible but essential. We have come to depend on many. When you use a cell phone to talk with a friend who uses a different cell service, you are using an interoperable system. Your ATM card is good not only at virtually all banks nationwide, but thanks to a secure interoperable system, you can use it to buy everything from groceries to gasoline." ~ www.hhs.gov/valuedriven/

"Cell phone providers are keenly aware of their competitor's quality of service. Banks closely monitor competitive rates. Customers are able to compare both quality and cost. Value-driven consumer choice, in turn, drives greater competition and increasingly better service." ~ www.hhs.gov/valuedriven/

BidRx.com is a value-driven, interoperable SYSTEM for all

The U.S. pharmacy benefit programs are embracing transparency, but other than BidRx.com, the system is disconnected. BidRx.com uses the most transparent and available interoperable system, the Internet, as the operational platform that allows all participants using their own internal web browser to easily access and exchange information while operating independently and competing vigorously. No new hardware or software is required; a computer, a browser, and Internet connectivity provides access for all participants, complete interoperability, and full transparency.

On BidRx.com, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies are aware of their competitor's value propositions, marketing efforts and prices. Prescribers and customers are able to compare quality, service, and cost and make prudent decisions in or out of the benefit plan offered by benefit sponsors. Employers, insurers and health plans can provide appropriate incentives for employees and members to shop and compare before they buy.

Value-driven consumer choice has come to health care. It's available at www.BidRx.com.

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