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BidRx® Community Service Support Program

BidRx, LLC announces the "BidRx® Community Service Support Program" for service organizations across the country.

The Program is very simple. Your service organization can receive a donation of 30¢ each time a consumer who enters your organization's referral code uses the BidRx® Competitive Electronic Marketplace (CEM®) and purchases a prescription drug or related service. The BidRx® system automatically monitors the use of your referral code and generates usage reports.

The use of the BidRx® CEM® also furthers your organization's mission of service to the community by giving participants the information necessary to shop and compare prescription prices before they buy. Your members get access to the same medicines and services they are used to, often at substantial savings. Brochures and training are available to help you encourage the use of the BidRx® CEM® by your organization's members and supporters. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership to serve each community.

BidRx® reserves the right to modify or discontinue the "BidRx® Community Service Support Program" at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice or liability. As a courtesy, we will give your organization written notice of any change in the Program within a reasonable time after the change becomes effective.

Go to www.BidRx.com and click on "Contact Us" and BusinessPartnerServices@BidRx.com to request a referral code for your service organization.

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