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When most people think of prescription medications, "discount pricing" isn't the first thing that pops into their head.

TRUE:Pharmaceuticals are a heavily regulated industry
FALSE:Pharmaceutical prices are high because of these regulations

In reality, people can shop for prescription drugs just like they do for other products. Many consumers are simply not aware that similar, alternative prescriptions, i.e., medications that treat the same illnesses and can produce the same outcomes, are available for many types of drugs. One example is Lipitor®, an expensive brand name drug for lowering cholesterol; similar, alternative medications include simvastatin (generic for Zocor®), lovastatin (generic for Mevacor®), pravastatin (generic for Pravachol®), and Crestor®. Additionally, different prices for all of these medications can be found depending on where you look. The trick to finding a complete list of similar prescriptions and discount prices is to know where to look. The only site for head-to-head competition from pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies is at www.BidRx.com.

BidRx® Helps You Find Discount Drugs and Pharmacies

BidRx® brings consumers together with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies from across the U.S., giving you access to the widest possible range of prescription options, prices, and services.

Consider this example: a pharmacist in Altoona, Pennsylvania may have too much stock of a particular drug that you are looking for. Because of this, he is able to offer the overstocked drug at substantially lower prices than pharmacists in your local market. Without the ability to compare pharmacies from all over through BidRx.com, you'd never be able to find this type of discount pricing.

BidRx® Makes it Easy – and Safe

Because BidRx® only works with fully licensed pharmacies in the U.S., we make it easy and safe for you to find the medication you need at the lowest possible price.

Use our website to take control of your prescription medication purchasing: you can learn about similar prescriptions at different prices, determine service needs, select the best pharmacy value, and choose when, where and how you want to have your medication delivered.

Buying discount drugs online from trusted pharmacies through BidRx.com has never been easier, so register at www.BidRx.com today!

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