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BidRx.com is the Internet auction site for prescriptions

If you're looking for a great way to save money on your prescription drugs, buying them through BidRx.com from U.S. pharmacies bidding on the Internet is one of the best decisions you can make. Never before have you been able to find drastically reduced drug prices, making many prescriptions finally affordable for all consumers, those who pay out of pocket for their drugs or those that have benefits.

We Help You Find the Best Possible Price

Because BidRx.com is able to connect you with pharmacies across the country, we are the only place where you can compare different prices for the same medication and choose the prices and services that best meet your needs. BidRx.com delivers real competition from retail and mail order pharmacies. One mail order pharmacy is a monopoly; many competing pharmacies are a functional marketplace.

BidRx.com Lets You Shop for Drugs from Home or the Office

The idea of mail order medication may have seemed strange only a few years ago, but today the Internet allows us to research drugs and drug costs from the comfort of home, and to buy medications from licensed U.S. pharmacies that may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Because BidRx.com is entirely Internet-based, you can use our site from anywhere! In addition, many of the participating pharmacies offer mail order delivery which means your medication can arrive at your home quickly and easily.

Find the Best and Cheapest Alternatives

BidRx® hosts an enormous database of prescription drug information, including information on similar prescriptions and generics for the drugs that you have been prescribed. When you learn through BidRx.com that similar alternatives or generics are available at lower prices, all you have to do is consult with your physician and find out if a different, lower cost prescription can work for you. In many cases, consumers have saved 50%, 85% or more off the price of their original prescription by choosing generics or similar, alternative prescriptions. That's outstanding value.

Go to www.BidRx.com, click on "How it works" and watch a brief tutorial on the Auction Site for Prescriptions. Then Register and start saving on your medications.

About Us
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