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BidRx, LLC announces patent approval in Japan

Among many applications being reviewed around the world, BidRx's business method patent is approved in Japan.

November 29, 2011, Oshkosh, WI - BidRx, LLC announces that BidRx's "Method for Competitive Prescription Drug and/or Bidding Service Provider Selection" has been allowed in Japan.

"BidRx® is the solution to a loud, frequent call for 'a market where providers truly compete against each other for our business as consumers and patients,'" says Ralph Kalies, CEO of BidRx, LLC. "At BidRx®, consumers and doctors get head-to-head competition from pharmaceutical companies and from pharmacies. After comparing similar prescription medications and costs based on each consumer's unique benefit plan, consumers and doctors determine which medications are the best value, get instant 'bids' from local and mail order pharmacies, and choose the fulfillment provider that best meets price and service needs. Available across the U.S. currently, consumers can go to www.BidRx.com and use market forces to lower drug costs."

BidRx fully expects that its patent applications in countries across the world will be allowed in the coming months and years.

About the Pharmacy Benefit Market for Businesses

BidRx® is now available alone for businesses that wish to have a transparent and competitive option in place of or added to their traditional Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). A Coordinated Pharmacy Program combining BidRx® with a traditional PBM card program is available also. Advantages abound from a Coordinated Pharmacy Program especially for businesses that believe in "consumerism" in health care. Because members can enter prescriptions, compare options, and get information on prices, they are empowered to discuss solutions with their doctors and make better purchasing decisions. Although most efficient when this happens in the doctor's office, use of BidRx.com can occur at any point to save money on prescription purchases.

About BidRx, LLC

BidRx® changes how drug purchasing decisions are made. By providing consumers and doctors with prices of similar drug treatments and getting instantaneous competitive bids from pharmacies across the street and across the U.S., savings of 50% or more are possible. Real-time, online information regarding treatment options and prices is designed to help doctors and consumers make informed decisions. BidRx® is the right "tool" at the right time for returning control to consumers and doctors. The use of transparent, competitive market forces to maximize savings on prescriptions is available only at BidRx.com.

For more information, visit www.BidRx.com or contact BidRx® at 920-230-6200.

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