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BidRx.com makes it easier than ever to save money on prescriptions by improving the pharmacy bidding process

BidRx.com, the Internet supermarket for prescription medications, today announced a substantial update to its competitive electronic marketplace (CEM®), making it easier for consumers to get instant bids from pharmacies on prescriptions. Launched in 2006, BidRx® is proving to be an accepted solution for the rising costs of prescription medications by first creating transparent, head-to-head competition between pharmaceutical companies. Second, BidRx® creates competition between pharmacies.

Dr. Ralph Kalies, CEO and founder of BidRx, LLC, speaks to all consumers when he says, "Do you wonder what other pharmacies charge for your prescription? Do you wonder if you are paying too much for your prescription? Do you wonder what other medications cost that treat your condition? Finding out just got easier on BidRx.com."

In a few easy steps from the comfort of your home or office, you learn about other medications and get instant bids from U.S. pharmacies across the street or across the country. Go to www.BidRx.com, register, start an auction, enter your prescription information, and look at similar prescription options. Then click on "Get Instant Bids." You may be surprised at the prices and services offered by participating pharmacies that want to earn your business.

And earning your business is fundamental at BidRx®. "It's why we created a transparent competitive, electronic marketplace for prescriptions," said Dr. Kalies. "Pharmacies on BidRx.com compete for the privilege to fill your prescriptions; they want to earn your business by listing their services and showing their prices. They compete; you choose – but not until you get information to make an informed decision. You are always a smart consumer at BidRx.com."

When you want to search for even more savings, carefully examine the listing of similar products. If you take an expensive prescription, there is a good chance that a similar, less expensive prescription is available that can treat your illness. After you enter your prescription, BidRx.com shows a Similar Product Price Comparison Report that you can print and share with your prescriber. Ask your doctor if a lower cost prescription option is appropriate for you. Make sure you "Get Instant Bids" to see final prices from participating pharmacies.

And don't miss out on "electronic discounts" available only through BidRx.com when you buy from a bidding pharmacy. You owe the "YOU PAY" amount. If it's $0.00, you owe nothing. BidRx® collects the electronic discount up to the bid price and pays the pharmacy.

Even consumers with other insurance coverage including Medicare Part D can use BidRx.com to search for lower cost prescription options and shop and compare before they buy. "BidRx.com participating pharmacies often offer the best services and best prices in the U.S." Dr. Kalies continued, "so it makes sense to buy from pharmacies bidding on BidRx.com, the new competitive electronic marketplace for prescriptions. Wherever consumers buy their prescriptions, they should be fully informed. We have made it much easier for our customers to shop and compare and get the best value for their money."

About BidRx®

BidRx®, LLC, based in Oshkosh, WI, connects consumers and prescribers with pharmacies, manufacturers, and benefit sponsors and empowers them to make better, more cost-effective drug and service purchasing decisions. For more information, visit www.BidRx.com.

Media Contact: Roberta.Selle@bidrx.com

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