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All Medicare Part D subscribers should use BidRx.com

Medicare Part D subscribers don't get enough information from their plans to make wise purchasing decisions; they should use a free service at www.BidRx.com to shop and compare before they buy

OSHKOSH, WISC. -- January 3, 2008 -- CMS offers advice to Medicare Part D beneficiaries who have newly enrolled or changed plans -that they should keep these four tips in mind when visiting the pharmacy:

However, this advice doesn't address the most important issues facing Medicare Part D beneficiaries. Many pay too much for their prescriptions and need help cutting costs.

That's where a year-old internet service, www.BidRx.com, steps in to help Medicare Part D beneficiaries. A free service for consumers, BidRx.com shows the two most important ways to cut costs on prescriptions. First, learn about similar prescription products that may be just as effective for treatment but at much lower cost. Second, get competitive bids from pharmacies across the U.S. and compare those bids to the plan's charges.

For the treatment of high cholesterol, most prescriptions are for Lipitor®, Crestor® or Vytorin® and these drugs, while effective for lowering cholesterol, cost hundreds of dollars for a one month supply. Effective alternatives are lovastatin, pravastatin, and simvastatin which only cost tens of dollars for a one month supply. Most, if not all consumers could try a low cost product first and only if that therapy fails to produce the desired outcome change to more expensive products. BidRx.com is the source for learning about these options, each adjusted to approximate the potency of the original prescription, and priced so comparisons can be made easily by both consumers and prescribers. Consumer Reports (www.CRBestBuyDrugs.org) presents an excellent summary of alternative prescription products but is woefully inadequate in their price comparisons. Still, Consumer Reports can be used effectively as supporting documentation for the head-to-head, transparent, instantaneous, prescription marketplace available at www.BidRx.com.

Prescription Lipitor® 20mg #30 Crestor® 5mg #30 Vytorin® 10/20 #30 Simvistatin 80mg #30 Pravastatin 80mg #30
Consumer Reports $133.00 n/a $112.00 $140.00 n/a
BidRx.com Participating Pharmacy $109.87 $88.73 $87.96 $6.25 $74.17

Also consider two examples about costs of the same prescription from different pharmacies. A survey of popular websites on December 28th, 2007, for two popular generic prescription products, omeprazole and simvastatin, show a wide variation in price.

Prescription BidRx.com Participating Pharmacy Costco.com CVS.com Drugstore.com
Omeprazole 20mg $34.88 for 90 $50.13 for 90 $62.99 for 30 $63.97 for 90
Simvastatin 20mg $8.71 for 90 $11.46 for 100 $50.59 for 30 $73.97 for 90

Medicare Part D beneficiaries and other consumers need to compare prescription options and shop pharmacies to get the most value for their money. On-line help is available at www.BidRx.com for subscribers to substantially cut costs. BidRx.com is a free service for all consumers and prescribers where they can shop and compare prescriptions before purchases are made. Go to www.BidRx.com for more information.

BidRx, LLC, based in Oshkosh, Wisc., connects consumers and prescribers with pharmacies, manufacturers, and benefit sponsors to empower them to make better, more cost-effective drug and service purchasing decisions. Visit www.BidRx.com to learn more.

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