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The Prescription Revolution Gathers Steam in Wisconsin

Walmart's WI program supports national BidRx.com transparency model

OSHKOSH, WISC. -- November 28, 2006 -- BidRx.com, an open and competitive marketplace for consumers to find the best medications for their health needs at the best prices, continues to change the way prescription drugs are marketed, sold, distributed and dispensed in the United States, and the way employers offer prescription benefits.

"In light of Walmart's move to sell 291 generic drugs at reduced prices in Wisconsin, we'd just like to remind consumers that BidRx.com is a great way to check more than 13,000 prescription products to determine if any drug you're taking now has a lower cost alternative," says Tom Kellenberger, Pharm.D, vice president, BidRx, LLC. "Walmart may not be the best solution. Other local Wisconsin pharmacies may charge less than Walmart, but consumers won't know until they shop and compare. BidRx.com can help consumers find reduced prices for any prescription, even if they aren't generics, or even for all the generics that aren't on Walmart's list. Our customers have found savings of up to 85 percent or more on all their prescriptions."

"But price isn't everything," adds Kellenberger. "Services like home delivery, specialized packaging, and the convenience of local retail or mail order are available from local Wisconsin pharmacies or from pharmacies across the U.S. participating on BidRx.com."

Wal-Mart stores began offering a $4 per month prescription price on 291 generic medications Nov. 28 at its stores in Wisconsin.

BidRx.com is available nationwide right now. As Walmart's announcement and Target's move to match their prices has shown, pharmacies will compete to meet consumer demands for more information, increased transparency on how much things cost and better prices for their prescriptions. "BidRx.com can help control out-of-pocket costs and increase consumers' and employees' knowledge about prescription drugs," says Kellenberger. "Americans will save money by using BidRx.com to shop for their prescriptions. Users are enjoying significant savings even when compared to the co-payment on their prescription benefit card, especially if they are willing to accept appropriate alternatives."

In addition, BidRx.com helps give all pharmacies a marketplace to compete for consumer business. "Pharmacies need to respond to consumer demands," says Kellenberger. "Our website helps them offer competitive pricing on prescriptions and special services, and we get that information out to consumers across the entire U.S. and even Canada. Many consumers don't have a Wal*Mart pharmacy nearby to get their prescriptions filled, but the power of BidRx.com gives the same or better prices for brands and generics from local Wisconsin pharmacies or from pharmacies across the U.S."

It's easy to participate, and it's free. Visit BidRx.com and register on the confidential and secure site. Enter a drug name, quantity and directions, and instantly obtain information and competition on similar medications, including prices, electronic coupons for discounts from pharmaceutical companies, and competitive bids on prescriptions and services from everywhere, including local neighborhood pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies around the United States.

BidRx, LLC, based in Oshkosh, Wisc., connects consumers and prescribers with pharmacies, manufacturers, and benefit sponsors to empower them to make better, more costeffective drug and service purchasing decisions. As internet travel sites have revolutionized how consumers find inexpensive airfares and hotels online, BidRx.com has created an open and competitive marketplace for consumers to find the best medications for their health needs at the best prices, with savings up to 85 percent or more on prescriptions. Visit www.BidRx.com and click on "How it works" to learn more.

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